Ensuring cleaner homes is our aim
C3 is dedicated towards ensuring an easy cleaning process and hence delivers quality products to residential and commercial properties.

With quality we have been securing

10 Years of Your Trust

CCASPL extends its knowledge and experience to give birth to MSPL or Mrinmoyee Supply Pvt. Ltd. While CCASPL flagships manpower, MSPL forms the leading manufacturer of the Eastern Zone, a vehicle that delivers the requisite tools and equipment for quality cleaning. MSPL serves PAN India across India under two different brand name catering to different demands and different order size.

MSPL divides itself into Mrinmoyee and C3 catering to bulk orders and individual orders respectively. While Mrinmoyee is targeted towards businesses, C3 delivers quality and efficiency to residential and small commercial properties. C3 aims to deliver quality products required to ensure a clean and healthy abode.

We strive to meet the customers’ requirements at all cost and deliver durable and effective products. C3 also maintains an affordable price tag to reach every client and serve them with the best possibilities.


As cleanliness is a universal necessity, Mrinmoyee keeps the equipment affordable and budget-friendly to make it available for people belonging to every financial stratum.

Quality and Quantity

Delivering quality dust control mop, floor wipers, toilet brushes and other cleaning products is our core value. We deliver to residential and small commercial properties to help them keep the surrounding clean.


Maintaining quality while manufacturing the equipment makes our products durable, sturdy and customer-friendly, and helps us be a must-have in every premises.