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An initiative by CCASPL, MSPL or Mrinmoyee Supply Pvt Ltd. has been the vehicle delivering quality cleaning equipment across India

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CCASPL or Chatterjee Cleaning Arts Services Pvt. Ltd., unwilling to limit their expertise and knowledge, lends their experience in the field of cleaning, through Mrinmoyee Supply Pvt. Ltd. Where CCASPL owns the flagship for achieving excellence in manpower, MSPL emerges as the leading manufacturer of the Eastern Zone, a vehicle that brings in the much-needed tools and equipment for cleaning. With a customer base across India, MSPL caters to all the state and union territories in India having a major warehouse at Kolkata and other 3 metro cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi forming the hub for the locations nearby.

Mrinmoyee stands as the incarnation of quality and is committed to offering durable and affordable products and brings numerous other advantages for businesses anywhere in PAN India.

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With a mission and vision of serving customers with the highest standards and quality of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment at an affordable rate, Mrinmoyee has come up with a range of cleaning tools and machinery. Equipped with in-depth knowledge and wide experience, for the last 20 years we are putting in all efforts to reach every customer in India, regardless of their location, and serve them the best to our possibilities. Every product offered by Mrinmoyee is directed towards the interest of the end-user in terms of quality, price, quantity, durability and performance. Our sole mission is to ensure customer satisfaction and cater to the exact day-to-day cleaning needs. We endorse two brands under MSPL, namely, C3 that caters to B2C and delivers products directly to customers. The other one is Mrinmoyee that delivers bulk products to businesses PAN India.

Wishing you a healthy and hygienic premise every day.

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Being one of the leading manufacturers of the Eastern Zone, we strive to maintain customer satisfaction and reach every house to raise awareness on the need for cleaning and delivering the tools required to affirm the same. We believe that serving our customers with the best of our possibilities will help us stand strong to our idea of a cleaner and healthier environment for all. Promoting the pressing need for cleanliness and hygiene for the last 10 years, we now stand for:


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